Your perfect circuit training partner

Jabra Sport Coach


With cross training, you cycle through many different exercises in rapid succession. It’s great for getting your heart pumping and improving your conditioning. To keep the pace up, it’s crucial that you don’t have to stop and remember what the next exercise on your list is.

That’s where your Jabra Sport Coach and the Jabra Sport Life app come in. The app does the remembering for you, while the “in-ear coach” tells you what’s coming up next.

Here’s how it works: You customize your cross training circuit by picking from over 40 different exercises in the Jabra Sport Life app. These can be time-based (holding a plank for 30 seconds) or rep-based (doing 10 jumping jacks). Create as many custom workouts as you want, or choose a suggested circuit from the app.

Once you’ve selected your workout, all that’s left is to press “start” and make sure you’ve got your music playing - you’re good to go!

After you start your workout, the Jabra Sport Coach will give you in-ear reminders on what exercise is coming up next and how much time you have left. If your exercise is rep-based, you can simply tap the button on the left earbud to tell the app that you’re done and ready to move on to the next exercise. And - of course - your music keeps on playing all the way through.

You won’t find this cool function on other sports wireless earbuds, so if you’re a lucky Jabra Sport Coach owner - enjoy your bragging rights!