Your music sounds even better...

...with the Jabra Sound app


While your Jabra Pulse or Jabra Coach will sound great right out of the box, true audiophiles can download the exclusive Jabra Sound app to add full-spectrum Dolby® sound to their music.
We know, we know: yet another app to download. But taking the time to do so can really enhance the music experience and give you the extra motivation you need on longer runs. The Jabra Sound app adds further depth and dimension to your playlists and YouTube content, improves the bass performance, and makes high frequencies sound clearer.
After you download the app, you simply enter the code on the leaflet in your Jabra Pulse or Coach package. The app will retrieve your music and play it back in enhanced Dolby® sound.
The app boasts a few other great features, too. You can create and share playlists with your friends. The graphical equalizer helps you customize exactly how your music should sound. There’s even a Jabra Social Jukebox™ that lets people vote on their favorite tracks in real time to decide what gets played next.
Curious to check it out? You can give it a try right away.