Forget the chest strap

Jabra Pulse has you covered.


Lots of us can’t do without music when we work out. That’s hardly surprising: Music motivates us like few other things can.

Eventually, you may find yourself getting serious about heart rate training and decide to invest in a wrist device and a chest strap to keep tabs on your pulse. If you’re a fan of both music and heart rate training, that’s a lot of devices to lug around in addition to your smartphone: headphones for music, a chest strap to measure your heart rate, and likely a fitness watch connected to the strap.

The Jabra Pulse sports earbuds reduce that list to just a single item: the headphones. The Jabra Pulse is an all-in-one device that plays your music, tracks your heart rate using precision in-ear monitor, and sends that data to your smartphone via the complementary Jabra Sport Life app.

Not only is this convenient, but perhaps an even more compelling factor is that the ear is one of the best places for measuring your pulse rate. This makes the Jabra Pulse incredibly accurate. In fact, extensive third-party research by the Appalachian State University found the Jabra Pulse to be the only wireless earbuds to deliver gold-standard ECG accuracy, even during high physical activity.

One common complaint about chest straps is that they can slide off or flip once you start sweating. As a result, some of your heart rate data gets lost in the process. The Jabra Pulse takes care of that by instantly reminding you to adjust your left earbud if it ever loses the heart rate signal.

So if you’re tired of the chest strap and all that goes with it, there’s another way. With the Jabra Pulse, all you need are the headphones!