Finding the right fit


Even the best headphones are of little use if they constantly fall out of your ears. That's why, at Jabra, we're dedicated to helping everyone find the best possible fit.

All of our sports earbuds come with a range of different eargels and earwings that let you customize how they fit. Taking the time to make sure your earbuds fit just right will optimize their performance.

Finding the right fit is easy: The earwings are there to help the headphones stay securely in your ears, so go for a size that fits snugly. The eargels affect how your music sounds and how much of the outside world you hear. Pick larger eargels if you want that “full bass” experience. If you're running outside and want to hear the traffic, pick smaller eargels that let some sound through.

Even if you think you have a good fit, it's always worthwhile to try a number of combinations to find the absolute best one!

By finding just the right combination, you'll get the perfect fit and hear every nuance of your music.