The Jabra Sport Life App

Here's how you get the most out of your sports earbuds


So you've taken the plunge and bought a pair of Jabra wireless sports earbuds. By now you've hopefully experienced the outstanding sound, comfort, and durability that they offer.

But did you know you can get even more out of your sports headphones? Because you can.

The complementary Jabra Sport Life app comes jam-packed with extra features to make your earbuds even more useful. If you have the Jabra Sport Pulse, the app will display your current heart rate and offer voice guidance to help you train at the right intensity. Jabra Sport Coach users will get real-time in-ear coaching in dozens of different exercises and the ability to track their cross training stats. For those with a Jabra Sport Pace, the app will track your workouts and let you set training targets. When you've selected your preferred pace, the in-ear pace manager help you to keep it steady to ensure that you will be able to complete your workout without burning off all your energy to begin with. It also helps you benchmark your potential with an array of sophisticated fitness tests, giving you the insights needed to set accurate and obtainable goals.

The Jabra Sport Life app is the perfect companion that unlocks the full power of your sports earbuds. It takes your training to the next level and helps you reach any fitness goal.

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And remember: All Jabra sports earbuds are covered by a 1-year warranty, so don't be afraid to put them through their paces.