The FitClip - a small but very important feature


Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest differences. With our wireless ear buds, you’ve already removed the once everyday ritual of untangling headset wires and the annoying feeling of wires getting in the way when you run or work out.

One extra thing that can truly make a difference to your experience with the Jabra Sport Wireless Earbuds is the smallest accessory that comes in the pack; the FitClip.
This small piece of plastic is specially designed to hold the wire between the earbuds, securing the wire around you head and ensuring the best fit possible. Easily and quickly adjustable, it offers get flexibility and gives you the opportunity to ensure the best possible fit for your training, whether you need your earbuds set tight for that extra fast run or a bit more relaxed for your workout. It even doubles great as a practical device to hold your earbuds together around your neck when your earbuds are not in your ears.

The FitClip, along with the customizable EarWings and EarGels, ensures that your wireless sports earbuds are always fitted in the best possible way for your training. The FitClip comes with our Pace, Coach, and Pulse wireless earbuds.

Customizing not only your training with our Jabra Sport Life App, but also your wireless earbuds for that perfect fit, helps you in optimizing comfort, performance and progress in your run or workout every single time you set out to beat your best.