Your Personal Trainer is Just A Tap of a Button Away


Missing that extra needed motivation on the last part of the run, for the last reps or reaching that desired calorie burn goal?

With your Jabra Sport wireless earbuds and the Jabra Sport Life App, your personal trainer is just one tap away. The Jabra Sport Pace, Coach, and Pulse earbuds are all equipped with a Sports button on the left earbud, and by pressing the button once you’ll get instant read-outs of your training stats and progress. In the Jabra Sport Life App, go to settings in the general menu and select ’training settings’ – here, you’re able to select and customize your in-ear personal trainer, selecting which stats you want as part of your read-out. Customize when you would like automatic read-outs of your progress – the read-outs can be programmed by both time and distance, so that you can get your motivational progress reports exactly when you’d like them!

If you own the Jabra Sport Coach earbuds, the personal trainer will be able to talk you through the exercises in your customized workout circuit, tell you when to rest and when to proceed with the next exercise – all customizable to your preference!

If you own the Jabra Sport Pulse, you’re able to add your heart rate as a parameter for your personal trainer read-outs. When training for long distance runs heart rate zones become a vital part of your run, and the Jabra Sport Life App will track your heart rate zones, letting you know which zone your heart rate is in – and the personal in-ear trainer will tell you to step it up too, if you’re not training in the desired heart rate zones.

Step up your training – whether you’re on the treadmill, at the gym or out on the track – and let your personal in-ear trainer guide and motivate you through the challenges ahead, making sure that you stay motivated and beating your best! All activity is logged in the App and the Achievements section will let you track and monitor your performance and progress, ensuring that you are constantly on the right path to success!