How well do you know your App?


If you own our Jabra Sport Pulse or Jabra Sport Coach you’ve probably downloaded our free Jabra Sport Life App and you may already be using it. But are you using it to the fullest? Here are a few reminders about all that the Jabra Sport Life App can do to enhance your workout and help you on your fitness journey...

For all of you Pulse owners, did you know that you can specify what kind of training you want to do for a particular run or for a particular period of time as you prepare for your next race. For instance, you can select to train using heart rate by specifying which training zone you want to stay within. Just select your activity type, i.e. running or cycling, and then choose your workout type – your App will assist you in setting up personalized heart rate training zones to customize your workout to its goal, whether you’re training looking to do cardio training, burn the most calories possible or optimize your training progress.

Or, if you decide you want to some interval training, you simplyselect your activity from the list and then choose interval training as your workout type. Create your own customized interval circuits that match your goals and optimizes your training, helping you beat your best in every single workout.

If you own a Coach and focus more on gym-based, high intensity interval training, did you know that you can create your own workouts depending on what kind of work out you want (Upper Body vs. Lower Body, cardio vs. strength training, Core-based vs. Stretching) or how much time you have, or if you don’t have any gym equipment/weights. To create a personalized workout, all you need to do is select Cross-training as your activity in our Jabra Sport Life App and choose one of the pre-defined workouts, or simply press the + button in the top right corner of your App to create your own customized workout plan with more than 40 exercises to choose from. The TrackFit Motion Sensor will then help coach you through the workout, keeping track of the time intervals, alerting you to what exercise is next and reminding you when to take a rest (all while you are listening to your favorite music).

When you’ve finished your run or workout, don’t forget to check out your stats!

The Jabra Sport Life App will tell you all you need to know about how you did and what you accomplished via the in-ear voice guidance as well as provide a summary screen that will then go in to your "History".

You can store the info and share the info – and hopefully use it to help you get closer to reaching your goal.
No matter which activity you choose, your Jabra Sport Life App will guide you through your training and assist you in reaching your training goals and push yourself further with every single run or workout. This is where it gets serious.