Did You Know?


Several fitness tests are available in the Jabra Sport Life App, depending on your headset model. These tests range from baseline diagnostics to performance potential and progress visibility – and are all easy and quick to do!

If you have the Jabra Sport Pulse, here are the Fitness tests available to you – The Resting Heart Rate test is essential to personalize your training zones and give you the most accurate calorie burn count, and both the Cooper and Rockport tests, which determines your endurance capability, are available in the Jabra Sport Life App. Also, the App’s Orthostatic Heart Rate Test will help you to determine if you are over-training,

If you have the Jabra Sport Coach, you will be able to determine your endurance capability with the Cooper test, as well as plan, track, and analyze your own workouts with live audio coaching.
The Coach headset’s Trackfit™ motion sensor will measure distance, pace, steps, cadence, and calories burned in order for you to track and optimize your performance.

Using these fitness tests and tracking functions in the Jabra Sport Life App will help you track your progress and performance, and help you to reach your training goals - this is where it gets serious!