Keep the phone in your pocket with the Jabra Pace


The Jabra Pace is designed to make things as hassle-free as possible for fitness enthusiasts. It sits securely and comfortably in your ear, charges fast, and can brave any weather conditions.

But did you know that the Jabra Pace also has a special Sports button that lets you control your workout without ever having to touch your phone? The button is located on the left earbud for quick and easy access.

You simply tap the Sports button to open the Jabra Sport Life app on your smartphone. You can then start your workout at any time by holding the button down for around one second.

Once you're in the middle of a run or a cross training session, you can tap the Sports button to instantly hear spoken updates about calories burned, current pace, and more. In case you ever need to take a breather, you can pause (and unpause) the workout by holding down the Sports button.

With these few simple touch commands, you get to stay in control of your training sessions while letting the phone stay in your pocket or armband.