This is where we started...

Welcome to Checkpoint One


Shortly before the Jabra Sport Fitness Community started, Jabra conducted global research to better understand people's fitness goals and training habits.  Now that the Community has been going for a number of weeks, we're turning our attention back to where it started and looking at the answers you gave us. You might be surprised by some of our findings below.

- Lifting Weights Over Losing Weight

When it came to New Year's Resolutions, more than 40% of you originally resolved to make your bodies stronger and fitter in 2016, rather than opting for the more traditional resolution of focussing on weight loss.


- Eyes On The Prize

A determination to succeed is clearly evident - 45% of you admitted that while you may take a few breaks here and there, you were confident that you would still ultimately accomplish your goals.

- A First Time For Everything.

Over half of you [52%] admitted that you'd never made a fitness-related resolution before.


- No Tech = No Fun.

An overwhelming 82% of you told us that you currently use some form of technology to assist you when you work out. The majority [69%] utilise music through in-ear buds to spur you on, 33% of you use some form of fitness tracker/GPS device, 26% use a heart rate monitor and 27% use a running or training app.

- Run Forrest, Run.

A less popular reason for making a resolution in 2016 was to participate in a race with only 7% of you stating this as your aim.


- Love The Beat, Love The Buzz

Over 35% of you are motivated by music and a further 34% said that the buzz they feel post-workout is what inspires them the most.

This is where we are....

So, how are we faring now that we’ve arrived at Checkpoint One?  Last week, we asked you how your training was going and we were overwhelmed by the response. Here's what we discovered:

Some of you have gradually stepped-up your training and incorporated it into your daily routine. You've seen the improvements in your physique and have begun to feel bad if you've missed a session.  Others have stretched out their running sessions and are achieving longer runs. And a few of you have aimed to lose a certain amount of weight only to go beyond this, losing much more than originally planned.

Unfortunately, some of you have suffered set-backs through injury and had to lay off training altogether for a while but others have resumed training after a long injury-induced lay-off and are progressing faster than expected, with many of you using music to drive you back to full fitness. If this is you, don’t forget to look out for our upcoming topics on how to cope with Injury as well as the importance of Time Management and our special focus on Music.

Overall, the majority of you are still feeling inspired and are confident that you’ll achieve your goal, with many of you citing that the mind is the only thing that can you hold you back (check out Week 5’s interview with Sports Psychologist Dr. Greg Cartin, if you haven’t already). Perhaps the best discovery of all is that many are feeling proud and the best they've felt for years and are enjoying their work-outs as much as when they started in the new year. 


Take a look in the mirror

There are many reasons why it's important to reflect on our training, whatever our goal. Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut; repeating more-or-less the same work-out with ever diminishing returns as our body adapts. Other times we can become too focussed on one aspect of our training, spending too much or too little time on one area whilst neglecting the others. It's very easy to fall into the trap of 'junk training' if we don't keep in mind what we've been working on.

While it isn't always necessary to write down and follow predictable training plans, it is always useful to be mindful of what we're doing from week to week. Did our previous week involve too much low-intensity training and now we need to inject some intervals? Did we over-do those circuits earlier in the week, resulting in us feeling flat today? Constant reflection allows our training, our effort levels and our body to remain balanced.

There is of course another added benefit to reflection - motivation. Most of us have probably kept some sort of training diary at some point in our lives and enjoyed looking back over previous accomplishments. Seeing documented evidence of our progress as we've overcome challenges is an extremely useful source of motivation. We have physical proof before our eyes, showing us that we have achieved things that we once thought were beyond our reach. Once we realise that what we once thought was "impossible" has now become "possible", we can apply the same reasoning to our next goal, building our inner confidence on a foundation of truth.

The Jabra Sport Fitness Community deserves a well-earned pat on the back for its progress so far.  You've inspired one another with some incredible stories and hopefully there'll be even more in the coming weeks. 

One of the main benefits of sharing your stories and one of the driving reasons behind the Fitness Community is to feel supported in training towards your goals. By sharing your progress you'll hopefully have been able to see just how similar we all are. We all suffer minor set-backs from time to time, we all enjoy mini-triumphs and we all experience that feeling of wanting to get out there, work-up a sweat and feel good about ourselves.

Now that we have a several weeks of great progress under our belts, it's time to turn our attention to the next block of training. We've got some great features lined-up in the coming weeks to help you get even more out of your training sessions.

So let's keep this momentum going- keep-up the hard work and enjoy your training.