Train together, Stay together

The benefits of working out with your other half

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A highly experienced and qualified Personal Trainer, Jack Green has helped many people reach their health and fitness goals. Jack specializes in functional strength and weight management in London and has built a solid reputation as a trainer who is dedicated to achieving results.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we asked Jack about the benefits of working-out as a couple.

1.Increased motivation

Working-out with a training buddy increases motivation which means there’s more chance of committing to a regular exercise pattern. Who better to help keep you motivated than your significant other? There’s a good chance that neither one of you will want to let the other one down by skipping a session. Another benefit of training together is that it makes every session more of a social event - you’ll be less concerned about your own suffering and more interested in the other’s!

2. Increased happiness with your relationship

Studies have shown that after taking part in a physical challenge or activity together, couples report feeling more satisfied with their relationships and more in love with their partner [Aron, Norman & Heyman, 2000].

It’s believed that exercise triggers the physiological arousal that drives romantic attraction [Lewandowski & Aron, 2004] and suggests that sharing a fitness goal or gym session can boost the quality of your romantic relationship. Put it this way, if your partner can still find you attractive when you’re drenched in sweat with bloodshot eyes whilst wheezing like a dog then they MUST be someone special!

3. Achieve results together

Whether it be weight loss, toning or increased fitness, seeing the results of your hard work together will be extremely rewarding. Before you start, each write down what you want to achieve from your training program. If and when you achieve each thing, plan a reward. A massage each or a weekend away are great motivators!

4. Enjoy the competition

A little light competition between one another is healthy and can help drive you both towards your fitness goals. Light competition can also lead couples to push themselves harder than if they were working-out alone. Inject some humor into the proceedings and it can be even better. Maybe one partner is a know-it-all who needs to be shown how it’s done? Maybe the other has had bragging rights for too long and needs to be put in their place? Whatever the dynamic in your relationship, have some fun and make sure you support each other along the way. Otherwise one of you might be sleeping on the couch!

5. It’s a joint hobby

Taking a break from daily responsibilities and obligations by being active together is great for a relationship. If neither of you get to spend enough time together during the week, a few shared training sessions can be a great chance to reconnect. Not only are you both enjoying what you want to do but you’re also enjoying one another’s company. Whether it’s rock-climbing, running, going to the gym or swimming, you’ll be sure to have fun and reduce stress, which leads us nicely onto the following benefit….

6. Let it out at the gym, not on each other

As previously mentioned, exercise is a great stress release. Once you’ve tired-yourselves out you’ll have far less energy to waste on those trivial disagreements. Don’t over-do it though as this might affect benefit number 7!

7. Increased libido

Cardiovascular exercise is really good for increasing your sex drive. You will reduce your stress and cortisol levels and also increase blood flow to your sexual organs, all resulting in increased libido. The only downside to this is having enough energy for the gym the next day! So as a couple you should start to see many benefits from training together, not just increased fitness. It's quality time shared and can really strengthen the bond between you. If you don't already train with your partner, why not give it a go this Valentine's Day? They'll love you for it afterwards!

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