How to boost your energy levels


Ever-increasing working hours and the demands of a busy personal life can really take a toll on our energy levels. 

This week we look at how to maintain that energy throughout the day for those gruelling after-hours training sessions.


A lot of us are not getting nearly the amount of water that we need throughout the day. Try replacing your morning coffee with two tall glasses of water the minute you get out of bed. 
Staying hydrated can be as easy as bringing a bottle of water to work, drinking one bottle’s worth of water before lunch, one with lunch, and one after – or even more if you feel up for it. 
Being even a few percent below your body’s optimal fluid level can impact both your energy levels and your training performance noticeably.


Adjusting your diet to contain more protein and greens will not only help your digestion, but will help maintain a stable energy level throughout the day, meaning more energy for that training session later on. 

Make sure to eat throughout the day – dividing your three main meals into six meals will help to maintain a stable blood sugar level, and keep you from feeling drowsy mid-day. If you’re not a big fan of greens, try drinking your greens instead of eating them – greens like spinach, broccoli, avocado, cucumber, apples, and mint make a great smoothie. Boost it with flax seeds, oat meal or almonds to get a bit more substance and feel full and energized for longer.
Make sure you don't eat too soon before your work-out too. Aim to eat your pre-training meal or snack a few hours before-hand to allow for digestion. 


A very important factor in feeling rested and energized, good quality sleep is vital for your health and energy levels. 

Try not using your phone, TV or computer for one hour before you go to bed – it can significantly help you to fall asleep faster and get to that important REM-sleep level faster. 
If you are having trouble getting up in the morning or feel sleepy until your sixth morning coffee, consider investing in a sunlight-simulating lamp, which doubles as an alarm clock. 
The lamp imitates both sunrise and sunset, helping you to both fall asleep faster and wake up feeling rested.  


If you’re in an office or working in another environment where you’re sitting down for most of the day, make sure to get up and walk every once in a while to improve your energy levels. 

Desk drowsiness can be cured by standing up at your desk, walking the long way to the coffee machine or by putting on your sports headphones to take your calls whilst walking around the office. Moving around throughout the day and changing from sitting down to standing-up can help to improve your energy levels, too – making sure that you are fit to put in the miles or lift those heavy weights after work.

5 minutes of morning exercise can also do wonders. Doing a few yoga exercises or just stretching your body while you have your morning glasses of water will help your body wake up and boost your energy levels from the start.

Try creating a morning work-out in the Jabra Sport Life App to incorporate a morning stretch into your exercise routine. If you own a Pulse headset, measure your pulse from when you get up and while you’re doing a few morning exercises – you’ll see an instant improvement in heart-rate and be able to measure how fast a quick morning stretch or yoga session really wakes up your body and mind.