Top 20 Reasons for Joining a Running Club


We asked club members from across the globe for their top reasons for joining a running club.  If you haven't tried organised training before, hopefully the following benefits will inspire you to get involved.

You get to meet like-minded people. Running clubs attract people with similar goals and lifestyles so it's great to be able to compare notes on races and events and to just talk to other runners.

It's made me a better runner. I’m especially pleased that my race times are reducing at a faster pace than my age is increasing!

The greatest challenge is the daily discipline to get out and complete the workouts no matter the weather conditions or demands of life. Training and running with others makes it possible to overcome the challenges.

I don't know what else I would do at 6am on Saturdays. I started as a 10 minute per mile runner in 2005 to qualifying for Boston in 2009. There's a group for every runner!

It's how I met my future wife! I’ve heard of quite a few others who have met their significant other through joining a running club too.

I love my membership, the race discounts, partner discounts, support & information, opportunities to run with awesome people and social time!

My motivation comes from being around other motivated people and running clubs are full of those type of people.

It's great fun! I sometimes end up laughing a lot of the way or having a bit of friendly, fun competition when training.

The best advice on running I have had over the years has been from my club running buddies.

There's a great support network and excellent information and resources for all things running-related.

They make you aware of competitions and events that you might not have known about and encourage you to participate, either as an individual or as part of a team.

They offer resources for the WHOLE runner: nutrition, planning, etc. 

I love the fact that a club caters to ALL types of runners, not just the fast runners or the young runners. Clubs also meet the needs of runners of every distance, from new runners who are running their first 5K to runners doing several marathons and/or ultra-marathons a year!

Volunteering opportunities allow me to give back to the wonderful running community.

They give you the opportunity to share best practise and talk/learn about the techniques and even technology that others use.

Being given a course to run and being trained to reach your goal is very motivational.

Running requires discipline so if you are part of a club you are far more likely to turn up and run.

I enjoy the healthy competition. There's nothing more stimulating and exhausting that chasing someone who is faster than you or trying to beat your running buddy. 

Running clubs really improve your running. The advice you can get from the trainer or coach of your group or other members is invaluable.

I'd recommend a running club to my friends because they're a friendly, awesome group of people and they make running fun!